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Important! Major changes

Posted at — Jul 16, 2017

Hello guys !

A forum where i was very active,, is talking about shutting down after 2 important staff members quit codewalrus.

Since its creation, i almost made sure to make interesting posts, my T-Nspire CX ports as well as unrelated things.

Unfortunely, it seems that Facebook & Twitters are winning. Everyone is either talking about funny cats or making some pointless political shit. Everyone is sitting in their corner, with no center of interest or interesting discussions. It’s either social media or suffer the consequences of real life.

To further avoid being in stasis, some changes will have to be made.


First of all, i will be forced to cancel DellardOS.

Custom distributions are becoming less and less popular and sadly, systemd along with its sister projects are taking over the league.

Not all is bad though… Devuan made some progress and has finally reached Stable 1.0.

…But it’s the exception rather than the rule.

DellardOS failed to make any difference or even convince people they should use it on their old hardware. Although it works, my other set goals were never met.

From now on, DellardOS will be removed off of my server and will no longer be available for download.

If you installed DellardOS, you can easily install another DE like Xfce4 with this terminal command :

sudo apt-get install xfce4 slim
sudo apt-get remove xdm jwm dellardos-system

Once installed properly, reboot with :

sudo reboot

If you can reinstall DellardOS though, do it because they might be some leftover files affecting the system.

Update my Website

Even one year after the website’s existance, it is still missing some games. The reason is simply because i made too many games/ports and i simply can’t keep up.

This can be detrimental though, because of my games are erotic in nature and few websites cover such games unfortunely..

On the downside, my main hard drive died. I lost precious stuff that i might never be able to recover.

I really did not need to hear codewalrus’s demise…


That’s all for now. What will come next is some reviews for Yu-Gi-Oh Games and my latest homebrew games.