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Re-updating my blog

Posted at — Jul 14, 2021

So yet again, i have decided to switch to another blog solution. I pretty much forgot about the ones i used in details but basically it went something like :

That’s right, i’m now using Hugo for writing my blog posts.

Like Jekyll, it is a static generator for websites and has quite a lot of neat features.

It also supports markdown, so i can have embed code in my blog posts.

It also has some nice themes before i eventually ended up with this one due to its light dependencies. The only issue with it is the lack of cover images support.

While i tried to migrate most of the articles, there’s one missing and it’s about the one about Richard Stallman.

It has come to my attention that most of the allegations against him were done in bad faith. However, some people siding with him also turned out to be part of 8chan/4chan/Kiwi farms, and the likes.

In short, i would rather step out of this at all.

I still maintain my position on the whole outrage :

The fact it was a false flag operation from the start by a 4chan user.