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Back to N64 stuff and RS-97 news

Posted at — Oct 23, 2018

So it’s been a while again since i wrote anything on here. I thought i might as well talk about what i’ve been doing recently !

After Cen64 got much accurate and the fact that libdragon became less of a disaster, i’ve decided to fix my older N64 games.

Unfortunely, they had some issues and wouldn’t run on real hardware.

Turns out the issues were multiple but the main culprit was mikmod. I simply couldn’t make it work without it crashing horribly so i resorted to using the Flappy Bird N64’s homebrew port code for audio.

Many thanks to him btw !

His audio code in particular helped me a lot. I’ve simply improved on it and made it suitable for my uses.

I noticed that Bonhage’s Flappy Bird clone was using the RCP for graphics but i’ve decided to stick with software rendering for the time being.

The reason why is due to a flaw in the N64’s GPU : the tiny texture cache,which is only 4k… Even the Sega saturn had much more than that !

That means if you want to display a huge image for example, you would need to cut your bitmap into several pieces, tell the RCP chip to display each piece at a time and repeat…

This is horribly tedious, hence the reason why i’ve decided to stick with libdragon’s software rendering.

Anyway, Evil Australians and Opossum Massage simulator are now fixed, complete with music, sound effects and analog support.

Check out my github repo if you want to take a look :

As for the RS-97 stuff, well i’m taking a big break from that kind of crap. Simply put, that console is a piece of shit and they kept introducing new revisions.

My fixes were a mixed bag and there are still issues about it. No one else is interested in fixing those.

I’m tired of dealing with this alone so i gave up on that console for the time being.

Btw, Jutley released his firmware based on mine but he introduced regressions for Gambatte : it no longer works over TV-out & new units. I can’t say i’m pleased but seems like nobody minds having broken emulators…

There’s also no guarantee that the new games works on new units.

But again, no one is interested to give it a try on those…